Fraisilia Cup | Our Ladyfingers without flour and Terracina strawberry “Favetta”

Two excellences of our territory, our flourless Antico Savoiardo and the Terracina strawberry “Favetta”, in a cup that tastes of summer and lightness. The intense aroma of this fine variety of strawberries, which recalls that of wild strawberries, and the much sweeter flavor than other types of strawberries, goes perfectly with the ethereal fragrance of our Savoyard.

A simple preparation, of sure effect, that can also be prepared in advance, for a meal that will amaze.

Light strawberry ganache

jelly 2.5 g

white chocolate 170 g

cream 200 ml

glucose syrup 5 gr

strawberry puree 112 g

Heat, but not too much, the strawberry pulp to which we have added the glucose syrup and add the gelatin previously softened in water. Pour the still hot mixture over the white chocolate and emulsify with the blender. Add the cold cream and refrigerate 12 hours for crystallization. After resting in the fridge, whisk lightly in the mixer.

Lemon jelly

sugar gr. 290

water gr. 350

lemon juice gr. 300

jelly sheets gr. 15

organic lemon zest gr. 15

Boil the water with the organic lemon zest, filter, add the sugar and boil again, remove from the heat and dissolve the gelatin previously softened in water, add the lemon juice.

Cup composition

Pour the light strawberry Ganache into the bottom of the bowl with a piping bag, allow to cool in the fridge for about an hour, then pour the melted lemon jelly and cool again; garnish the cup with tufts of strawberry ganache, strawberries and flourless Ladyfinger.

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