Panettone can not miss on your Christmas table, but you are looking for an idea to serve it in an original way? Here is our Panzuccotto, simple, fast and greedy to pamper your guests. You can choose the panettone in the variant that you prefer and combine it with ice cream or cream that enhances the taste. We have chosen one of the limited editions of this year, our Panettone Pears and Milk Chocolate and we have enriched it with pistachio ice cream of Bronte and a heart of gianduia cream.


Just use a mold suitable for the freezer in the shape of a hemisphere, go well also the cups of transparent plastic, and cover it with strips of panettone slightly inundated with the water that you prefer (coffee, sugar syrup and liqueur, milk, etc.); put in the center a generous teaspoon of gianduia cream, fill everything with ice cream (in our case with the Pistachio di Bronte) and close with a panettone state with a brush. Leave the Panzuccotto to rest for a few hours in the freezer and keep at room temperature about twenty minutes before consuming it. Turn the cup upside down on a platter and decorate as you wish, we made it simply with a sprinkling of bitter cocoa. And ... Merry Christmas creative and greedy!